Blogging for money on Empowr


Do you like to make more money on Empowr? You can create blogs and blog post. This is a good option to make more money with posting.  How?

You can create a blog and you can start posting. If you promote your posts, the members of your Circle of Trust will like your post about your blog and some of them will click on the link and they will read it. So you will receive money after the like and after the blog post’s reading too.

Now let’s see how easy to create a new blog post.

#1 Click on “Blog” at the left menu


#2 Create new blog and post new entry. Just click on “Post something here”


#3 Add your content – I created a post with funny animal pictures


#4 Save the post – SAVE AS DRAFT





#5 Copy the posts URL and post it to your timeline with a picture



And thats it. You will earn extra money after your blog posts too, like me:



Greg Kovacs

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