Buy FissionCoin until 5th Sept. 12:00PM and receive extra 3% coins!


We have a new offer for all of the FissionCoin users/miners. If you like to invest/upgrade or trade, you can buy FissionCoins for the better prices from us! This is our offer for Sept.:

FissionCoin offer Sept - EarnWithG

And the extra what you will receive if you buy coins in the next 2 days is +3%. Lets see the math:

You like to buy 1000 FCB. The market price is $11,3.
If you are my referral, you will pay $10,4 and you will receive 1030 FCB.
If you are not my referral,you will pay $10,7 and you will receive 1030 FCB.

If I’m right you will make a good business this weekend. So, hurry up and invest right now and earn faster and more than earlier.

Greg Kovacs

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