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As you know, one of my favorite investment option now is FissionCoin. I’m paying with FissionCoins for many services and it’s cheaper for me right now than BitCoin, or any other method.

I have a Banker account right now, so I can sell FissionCoins cheaper than the Market price of the coins. Here are my basic prices:

FissionCoin prices

If you want to buy more than 5000 coins, I’ll give you custome price.

Why is it good for me, why is it good for you?

My banker level is growing, so I can withdraw my earnings cheaper, plus I’ll receive some commission after sending coins to other members. The price is, why it’s good for you, but if you’re a Level 1 referral of me, I will give you an extra 50% RCB too. So if you’re my referral, you can get the best price plus extra commission percents every day, so your earnings will be higher than the daily 3%.

These price are available until 1st of Sept., because the prices of the coins will be higher.

So if you like to buy FissionCoins, contact me and I’ll give you good prices.

Greg Kovacs

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