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I wrote earlier, I’m gonna show you how to make money with Empowr.


Let’s understand, how can you generate income:

The first method is easy. If you invite new active users to Empowr, you will receive commission. I don’t think I have to write more about it. Invite and earn!

The second is posting. You must understand what is power level and what is Circle of Trust (COT).


Circle of Trust is connection with other members. If you like someone’s posts, you will be added to each other’s COT. If you close loop (you can see one up there) with 7 post likes, next time the other member will do the same. If you have hundreds/thousands in your COT, you will receive more and more post likes and shares, so you will earn more money. Am I clear?

The problem is, that the daily post likes are limited. It depands on your power level.


If you reach higher levels, you can like/share and post more too, so you can have bigger COT, what generates more and more money. You can use your earnings to sign up to higher levels. I reached Basic Green level less than 2 weeks.

So lets see it again, if you upgraded you’re account to the higher you can, posts daily and close as many loops you can, you will earn fast with posting. One of my friend can withdraw $200-400 every day. He started it 14¬†months ago.

Come and register now, receive $20, invite new members, post and close loops every day! CLICK ON THE LOGO!


Greg Kovacs

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