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Lets learn something new about earning with Empowr.

Earlier I wrote about, how to build up a big audiance and how can you earn more and more money with them. Now lets talk about Surge Earnings.


The system shows as Surge Earning if you invite someone to Empowr and you receive $20 like the invited new user. This is an option to make money here, but I like to show another think right now.


Daily 2 times, you will receive Surge Warning in an inside message and e-mail too. If you do what is in the e-mail -Post a picture or whatch a video, etc.- you will receive some extra money from the system. This amount can be $2-$15, but mostly between $5-$10.


If you don’t want to loose any Surge Warnings, I suggest to download the Empowr app to your phone, so you will receive the warning faster and you can solve it on time.

Now lets see my account.


I started to use Empowr in the afternoon 23th of Sept. – almost 2 weeks ago – and I already made $870 revenue. I’m a Green Basic level user now and my earnings are growing day by day.

Next time I’ll write about, how can you make more money with blogging.

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Greg Kovacs

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