Make money with selling stuffs on Empowr


Another money making option Empowr is selling stuffs. You can sell Services, Products and Blog posts too.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a blog post, to sell.

#1 Create a blog post


#2 The difference between the simple blog and a blog what you like to sell is the PAID SECTION. There’s a dollar sing in the editor tools. Place it to your post! The things under the sign, will visible for the auction winners only.


#3 List an item to sell


#4 Choose Blog(s)


#5 Add the blog post to the Premium Blog Package


#6 Create the listing. Choose that you like to sell it on an auction or you’re selling it of fixed price. Than add a name, some pictures and a short description about what will the buyer receive.


#7 Finish the creation wit adding the price. If you create a blog, where you’re posting daily, you can create a monthly recurring price too. Write how and what will the buyer receive…


#8 And you have the product what you can sell now.


So if you like to sell something, you can do it here easily. Start to make more money!

Greg Kovacs

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