Payment received from Merchat Shares – 7th July 2016


Merchant Shares is one of my favorite investment sites. This site is online for almost 10 years and paying instant. I started to monitor this site in June 2015 and they paid every withdrawal istantly.

You can read more about this site here: http://myinvestments.biz/merchant-shares

Some words about this site:

Merchant Shares gives 0,25%-2,25% profit daily. You can see the daily profit on the Profit Sharing History by all kind of plans.

Merchant Shares Profit History

As you can see you can invest in 4 kind of plans/sectors:

Merchant Shares Sectors to Invest

I mostly use Web Ads, because this reaches the 150% profit faster.

Today, I invested my earnings and withdraw $5. I received it instantly (reduced with their fee) to my Payeer account.

Here are the payment proofs:

Merchant Shares payment proof e-mail

Merchant Shares Payeer payment proof

Greg Kovacs

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